A New World Order

It’s time to stop chasing the money, cars, clothes and society’s materialistic goals.

There is no stability in those nor Kim’s big fat homes.

Why not within your means?

Then you will see there’s more to be Than on TV.

ADD so it seems, there’s a lack of what it means when I say “reality”.


Were so out of touch with ourselves, others, and the grass between our streets.

The homeless sit, stare, and starve but we walk by like it does harm to leave a dollar to someone without an arm.

More in touch with the screens were on, we hide our feelings from the ones we love.

Because now we can’t met our basic needs of Maslow’s happiness hierarchy.

Because money rules our minds. Because we are running out of time.

Quick to stand and twerk but always late to work.

Its time for us to reclaim society for what it should be – not what we see On MSN or ABC.

V for vendetta, F for freedom, but if you don’t know what it means, How can you live them?

United we stand, divided we fall, together we must rise to end it all.

The poverty, institutionalized racism, capitalism, and the corporate ties because that is where the problem lies.


Were losing this war we don’t even know were fighting.

Were fighting a war we don’t even know were losing.

The earth is being destroyed were running out of water,

Who cares if the dress is blue when the sea is no longer?

The means and the goals do not mix, this anomie must be fixed.

If it were up to me, we would all be free from the vertical stretch

So we all could just catch our breath.



This is what it’d be,

If I had a dream.


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