Discussion Posts

Does anyone remember, or does anyone still do discussion board posts? If you do, I’ll assume you are still in college (that’s a big thing now-a-days)! When my professor would assign them most of my classmates grunted at the idea of having to spend 10 to 15 minutes coming up with a cohesive paragraph supporting their ideas, mainly because they had none. They didn’t bother to read the book or listen to the lecture. They simply thought they could pass the class by just showing up and going to sleep. What is it that has made us devalue knowledge? Is it because we have so much knowledge these days we feel as if they are forcing useless knowledge upon us? I have no idea. And I won’t pretend to. Everyone experiences knowledge in a different way. Just because one person is sleeping in class doesn’t mean they don’t love to learn. What if the guy in the back row is actually working on his website for his new business? What if the girl in the front row on her computer is watching TedTalks? These are questions that I don’t have answers for because they never really happened. The point is the way we perceive something is only relevant to our reality. Every situation is such. We don’t need to change the way we think about issues but expand them. Is some knowledge in school devalued, yes. Maybe it should be. Maybe we should spend more time thinking about complex issues that are present today. We put everything into categories; people, cars, countries, music. And that’s okay, it’s human for us (I think) to want to organize things and have order. Is there not a point where we stop? Read a “normal persons” bio on Instagram or Twitter. “Tyler. 23. Vermont. Christian. Single. Leo. Left Handed.” You have to put something interesting like, “Yum, can you smell the cake from there?” for people to actually know you are not just a robot. Side note, if you are one of those people you are interesting too, I just everything about you now. Just kidding. Either way, sometimes we get so caught up in what we are and what we believe and our perspective being the right one that we don’t take the time out to expand the way we think. Discussion posts posted here are aimed to do just that. Feel free to comment with feedback, debates are good (as long as their friendly). Remember, you don’t always have to agree, disagree, both, or neither. Just think about it.


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