I shed the tears of the ocean

And now a new tide has rolled in.

I closed my eyes,

And I opened my arms up wide to feel the warm sunshine over my body,

I felt the cool summer breeze on my face,

And the chilly water brush upon my toes.

When I opened my eyes I saw the truth staring back at me;

I’m not living,

I haven’t been living,

I’ve been stuck in the corners of myself.

Now I soar with the birds.

You’re upset I left the ground

But you gave me my wings.

I sat at the highest branch I could find,

I waited patiently,

I thought I saw you before sunset,

Walking home with a shadow I didn’t know,

But I knew it couldn’t be you.

You were coming.

Days pasted me by. I sat.

Then I saw you.

It was you this time,

I was positive.

Standing at the base of the oak you flashed me a smile with your deep brown eyes.

Once you climbed up to the top of the tree you said,

“I can’t fly with you – just don’t go far, okay?”

I spread my wings to glide.

I looked back to see you at the top of the tree,



At my worst you were at your best.

After you climbed down the tree you began to feel alone, confused.

Days later,

You tried to scurry to the tree you left me at.

You wandered to the top of the tree and screamed out for me.

Sweaty and breathy you put your hands on your knees.

Almost slipping off you picked your head up and placed your hands behind your head to see..

A forest-fire.

Shocked. You blinked twice for clarity.

Reality was granted.

Nothing was left.

Beautiful leaves had turned to ash.

The life that once occupied the trees had vanished.

I soared past that day.

I saw you, standing there in a field of emptiness.

You saw me, flying by.

You called out to the sky to tell me you wanted to fly. But I was too high.

I thought about flying down.

But at your worst I was at my best.


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