Dogs..What Is It About Having Them?

Before having a dog I hadn’t imagined what it would be like if I had one of my own. Now that I (unexpectedly) have one, can’t say I love it. Now, don’t get me wrong. Do I love the little man? Yes, of course. He’s so cute, the way he sleeps cuddled up to me every night. When I move, he moves; it’s like salsa, I lead, he follows. Moments like these I love owning him. But what eats at me is when I have to wake up in the morning and go to work. After dancing all night long he still can’t get enough of me! He follows me into the bathroom, watches me get dressed (I’m unsure of the intentions behind this one), and we sometimes even get to lay back in bed and cuddle for an extra 10 minutes. But as soon as those 10 minutes are over I have to lock him in his room (yes he even has his own room- can you say spoiled). He looks at me with his big, dark brown eyes, puts his ears down, and huffs. He knows what is about to happen. He is going to sit in solitary confinement for the next 6 hours (fuck a 9-5). Anyways, I hate this! I absolutely hate this! I feel horrible. Okay, yes he could be in a pound, he could be abused (poor guy is only 7 pds. a 2 year old could do that), or even worse, he could be dead already! I guess that would make me feel better, if it were relevant. The guilt from “owning” a dog, aka, parenting a dog (because what is the point of owning something if it does nothing for you) is tremendous. I feel horrible when I leave, and when I get off work I feel guilty if I want to do something. He can’t poop or eat. Which I don’t know about you, but if I couldn’t do those two things all day- I’d be a little antsy too. The point is, it sucks. It’s like having a kid that never grows up. I can’t do anything but love him but at the same time, why did humans decide to just “own” animals and put them in living quarters that are not suited for them? I could leave him outside all day but lets be real, if you leave your dog outside all day in Florida in May, you’re a fucking asshole. It’s not that I don’t want a dog, it’s that I feel as though it’s unjust. Now, I have a couple friends whom work at home therefore they spend everyday with them. But me, not so much. I’m a home body- sometimes. When those times involve me sleeping. Most of the time I like to be out of the house. Not necessarily even doing a whole bunch. There’s just something about being stuck in a house all day and night that kills me. I want to be outside where it’s free. There’s no roof over my head preventing me from staring at the clouds during the day, or star gazing at night. No fake air, there’s real air (and sometimes not enough because the humidity tries to kill you over here). I imagine that’s what it has to be like for dogs and all other animals that are pets. They sit. They wait. They sit some more. They wait some more. “Wish I had a dog’s life” (stupid) people say. Ah yes, must be so much fun, they must wait for you to perform bodily functions or they get reprimanded. They eat the same shit everyday- and the same amount. Forget splurging. They have no interactions with their kind. Unless you have other pets. Even though thats just like only being able to talk to one person- ever, which would really suck if you hated them. Do dogs like their fellow house brothers and sisters? How do we really know? Do Nino and Chico really bark at each other for fun or because their saying, “get away from me!” Who knows. Get a dog, their the best. Yeah, they are. They deserve to be free. Just like us. So do all animals. Whoever created the idea of having pets, and why? To me, it’s just another selfish thing we do for us, like zoo’s. Just a smaller scale. On that note, pups hungry, he just tapped his bowl.


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