Orlando, Home of the…

One of the mass murders in the US this past weekend, also noted as the biggest one, happened in my own backyard.

Orlando, born and raised. 

Most of the time that just means I get asked if I go to Disney a lot.. but not this week.

Texts flying in asking if I am okay, hoping I was safe along with my family and friends.

Bad things happen everyday but bad things don’t always happen in your city.

Or do they? 

Well not here, not like this…

I’m still in shock .

Having crossed paths with a few people who were in there that night

reiterates how real this is… for us… for everyone.

I don’t know why this happened, I still can’t seem to wrap my mind around all the facts, and the not-so-much facts. It’s all a mess. There’s an abundant amount of information spreading around like wildfire. It brings religion, race, and sexuality into play. Three big hot topics in modern history. Do they matter? Yes and no, like everything else. Why someone would feel they way they do because they might have been oppressed/targeted by someone or something brought about by one of these three, yes. To specifically blame a group for these actions, no.

When events such as this one take place, it only reminds me of what is happening to other people all over the world. Now this is not a “don’t complain about eating your food there are kids starving in Africa” post…..at all. Just taking this one incident and connecting it to all the other mass murders that take place. In our home country, foreign, ally, and foe. People are being killed everyday and we don’t see it until it’s right in our faces. It hurts.

Why does this have to happen? Why are people like this? 

Whatever category you want to put it in,




Whichever one you decide is what was the driving force behind it was

know that behind them all, it is the same thing,


(Or a lack there of it)

Love is us and we are all love.

Love is accepting. Love is forgiving. Love is tough.

Without it we can be cruel and misguided.

Taken from us we can become revengeful and hateful.

And never given it,

never know what it means.

But lets not let that happen to us as it did him.

Jimmy Fallon said it best, we are a country of differences.

May these differences not separate us but give us the ability to become understanding, tolerant, and have compassion for those unlike us.

R.I.P all the beautiful souls lost




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