One of my favorite past times is sitting in my backyard gazing into the depths of the trees, watching the branches flow with the breeze. They often look as if their dancing around to the music I play below. The instrumentals are soft enough as to where I can still listen to the birds chirping. All the different melodies together create their own instrumental. I listen to my music and theirs. I try not to think about anything in particular in fact I try not to think about anything at all. In this moment all I have is my surroundings and myself. It is moments like these that ignite my soul. It is moments like these where I feel alone, alive, and it is amazing. Chills creep up and down my spine. The sun plays hide and seek with the clouds. All of this goodness of course gets me thinking. I start thinking about life and how wonderful it is. How blessed I am to have this one. The abundance of gratefulness eventually breaks down my consciousness. To understand myself as a multidimensional being, I know I am made up of only my awareness. I begin to see outside of my perception. I try to understand life from multiple standpoints. From perspectives I agree with to perceptions I cannot fathom. Something I’ve always loathed are labels, bio’s, and anything that had to do with describing myself or narrowing myself to a category. Siding with one thing or another. To describe myself with these limitations only meant narrowing the viewpoint of the person perceiving me. It’s sometimes difficult to step outside of these perceptions completely but it is always doable to be flexible with them. This blog is here to bend your perception. To make it more flexible. Yoga for the mind. For me. For you. And for anyone you share it with.


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